The 4th Media, is an independent media organization based in Beijing, China.

The company combines a series of communication services to comprehensively build a network of new media platforms with contents that satisfy the needs of a wide and diversified audience.

The website focuses particularly on young people and carries across the vision of the youth and Chinese identity while engaging in issues of global concerns, thereby intends to build a network for the youth to connect and also to be connected with the world and freely share their views with the people around the globe.

The Website is also a media platform to meet and encourage healthy, constructive and progressive minds for empowerment with a humble vision for a better future of the whole humanity.

The 4th Media, a English Website (, provides “Just Another Voice” in the progressive media global landscape.

With the new media platform, words, images, audio and video clips are combined to reach out to the audience in an active manner, the April Media tries to satisfy multicultural and personalized needs of the youth by providing information and entertainment, interactive applications, micro blog sharing and building communities.

Our platform translates relevant information, news analyses from both mainstream and progressive independent foreign media outlets to the Chinese speaking audience and vice-versa.

In order to give a true and more objective picture of the world, we also package hot issues in current affairs, arguments, media critiques, celebrity news, youth topics and literary communication, etc. We do news, audio and video editing.


Editor-in-Chief (Korean-American)

Kiyul Chung (PhD, Visiting Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)

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