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Purposes of this Site

With our Main Stream Media now becoming nothing but publicity outlets for offshore bank account Billionaires, I have designed this site to enable me to air my views, and , hopefully attract the views of others where applicable.

Everyone is welcome here, regardless of political tribalism, race, sexual orientation, cash in the bank or anything else. Anyone who comes here outside of that fundamental requirement will be quickly booted out.

Thanks for looking in.

I am Bill Stewardson, Living in Sheffield UK.

I have been around for over half a century now, and seen a few things, lost a son in 2007 in Basra, always been a “Lefty” and that does not mean that I have no time for what used to be Conservatism. I am however becoming increasingly demoralised at what Cameron has now changed being right wing into meaning .

About your Author

My background is secondary school, ordinary dull work, three figure bank accounts and most of my time spent in the north of England. I cant believe that which is now becoming the norm in our country, and sadly do not see that changing any time soon.

However, I firmly believe that the young of today will be the wise of tomorrow, so all hope is not lost.

Anything appearing on this site is at my wish and I reserve the right to invite the views of others, and where I see fit reject anything I do not see as being reasonable.

Away from all that, I am a fan of Roger Waters, Like to watch Rotherham United and Warrington Wolves. Also, I am feeling my way towards being a capable photographer.

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