Understandably, we are often asked “What is MajorGeeks?”. We know when you arrive, it can be a little overwhelming, but it does not need to be.

MajorGeeks was founded in 2001 with the goal to provide the top 1% of safe, editor tested downloads. We list less than 10,000 downloads on the entire website compared to the large websites who typically list over 500,000. If you are looking for the BEST downloads then you have come to the right place. We have always tested software for quality and pricing and once malware came along we were on the forefront, testing for that as well. We were geek before it was chic.

MajorGeeks answers to no one. You’ll find a bit more straight up attitude here as opposed to the same old same old. The site is owned by Jim and Tim and we have a couple of friends who help out. We are a small group of computer enthusiasts who do this because we LOVE it, not just to rack up numbers and profit. We are also VERY lucky. Because our readers have made this website popular and allowed us to keep our morals (mostly) intact while most download websites simply go with quantity over quality. That said, if you happen to have millions of dollars laying around… call me  ;)

Still with us? Great, here are a few areas of the MajorGeeks website to get you started:

Downloading only the best free tools:
As mentioned, we are very fussy about what we list here. To help you even further we also have a Top Freeware Picks article that narrows down this exclusive list to less than 1% of our already hand selected software. In here you will find the tools that most geeks already have on their computer complete with what we love, or don’t love, about each one. This is the place to go if you need a tool for a specific task and don’t know which one to download.

Read A Little:
March over to the Support Forum, read or ask questions and learn a little about the lingo. Its a great place to ask questions you might normally be afraid to ask. We have some great people there who are always glad to help. There are literally years of questions archived on the forum. You do not need to register there to read messages, only to post or use advanced features. The overwhelming majority of visitors to the forums never register or post, but still find the answers they need.

Back up in case you screw up:
Please remember that backups are only slightly less important than your heart beat. Always backup before making changes so you can restore your computer if you have any problems. There is typically nothing to fear as far as basic tweaking and maintenance goes, as long as you are backed up. If you look, you will see the backup section is one of our least downloaded sections here, but we must stress the importance of having some sort of backup.

Many programs that modify your computer have built in backup tools, so you could also check for that before making any changes.

Site news, News, Reviews, Off Base and Way Off Base?:
Site news is any news regarding our website.
News contains stories we write. This is actually pretty new as of June, 2013.
Off Base are stories on other websites we find interesting, or our partners and friends.
Reviews the same as off base except they link to reviews.
Way off base are funny or weird links to hopefully entertain you.

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