The SKWAWKBOX is written to try to present information and analysis that will rarely make it into the mainstream media because it doesn’t fit their agenda and the narrative they want to present.

Sometimes, the media do catch up later. This blog has broken some major stories over the years that the media has caught onto eventually.

The debunking of the ‘Mid Staffs NHS scandal’, supposedly involving ‘400-1200 needless deaths’ was a statistical misrepresentation combined with a political agenda that involved ‘perhaps one’ avoidable death. At the time, all the media were singing from the same hymnsheet, but eventually the Guardian, Independent and Huffington Post all caught on. Sadly, many of the other newspapers and broadcasters still parrot a thoroughly-discredited line.

Fake psych tests imposed on jobseekers, with threats if they didn’t comply; Labour party plots and attempted coups; and latterly UKIP – the huge fraud investigations and lies about Hillsborough. The media eventually caught up on those as well.

Others are still waiting. New evidence of army dressed as police at Orgreave; Tony Blair’s and John Major’s involvement in passing off military personnel as police during their years in office; Tory lies on their NHS spending; investigations into UKIP’s alleged distribution of child pornography – some of this was covered by the larger independent platforms such as the Canary, but the mainstream hasn’t seen fit to touch them, even though the evidence is cast-iron.

The common thread is that this blog has revealed them first. People with evidence contact the SKWAWKBOX because they know their identities will be protected and their stories presented fairly. If you have something you want to talk about, let me know.

The SKWAWKBOX isn’t written for popularity but to get the word out on essential issues, which is just as well, as the subjects covered are always going to upset some people, but they’re too important to ignore.

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