I am a UK based economics student who is skeptical of mainstream economics and is interested in potential alternatives. The name of this blog is provocative but is intended to convey an important point: standard economic theory is often taught without much critical engagement, historical, political and ethical context, or attention to other schools of thought. The result is that ‘economics’ is currently defined as a particular methodological approach, rather than by its purported object of study, and those who accept this framework find it hard to see outside its key tenets. Even those who do not endorse mainstream economics often find themselves unwittingly accepting some of its assumptions. If you want more detail on my views, please see my FAQ for economists.

Comments: I love comments and am grateful to have a number of intelligent regular commenters. However, I am not keen on double comments, irrelevant links/rants, flooding a comment thread or insults – any of these will be deleted without hesitation, and repeat offenders will be banned.

Apart from this blog, I also write for the website Pieria.

You can contact me at unlearningeconomics [at], with the proviso that I’m pretty slow at responding to emails. This is especially true if your email sets me a reading assignment.

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